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Miggle Schnapps
Our Price: $16.50

Our Arnica liniment is great for reliving discomfort associated with muscle aches, sprains and bruising. Use before riding or working out to help feel less discomfort during and after and recover faster. Great on sunburn and insect bites. The best, most natural product for feeling better and playing longer. No stress on your liver as this liniment absorbs directly through the skin

 The Story of ZG Miggel Schnapps Our bike mechanic and soigneur Miggel would hike up into his native mountains of Switzerland to pick the mountain daisy (Arnica). Then with his secret combination of Schnapps he would create the best liniment for sore aching muscles, joints, bruises and athletic injuries. Pre and post workouts and racing, Miggel would rub his schnapps into all of the professional athletes so they could continue to perform at their best. Now from the mountains of Aspen Colorado, we are carrying on the tradition of good health for you and everybody you care for. Be Well.....Thomas Hayles