ZG Velo Club
To our World of Friends The mark of Aspen since 1958

Tom is five time National Cycling Champion, who likes simple clean visible cycling clothing that is beautiful and professional looking.

“If you look good you will ride well”

Why buy or wear clothing that advertizes companies and products that you do not feel good about or support?

In 1995 we wanted to have   clothing that promoted our core values and life style   something we could wear and have real pride in and what it represented, and allow each person to be unique.  The Classic Blue and Green ZG jersey came to be.   Now we offer you a select line of fun, bright, clean designs from from ZG Velo Club and  our friends here in Aspen Colorado.

Be well
Thomas Hayles

To Contact  Tom and the Team

ZG Velo Club
715 E. Hyman Ave Suite #5
Aspen, Colorado  USA